Products and Services

PayFlex Systems is a software technology company specializing in eCommerce solutions and eCommerce user-interface workflow.  We are launching projects to help translate visitors into buyers, and maximize the selling potential for our merchants.


Our Projects

We have three projects currently underway. They are in Alpha and Beta release and are not quite ready for launch:

Payment Platform

  • Sophisticated Internet-based transaction routing.
  • To process credit card transactions
  • Easy merchant onboarding
  • Easy merchant integration to our system
  • 24×7

Group-Buying portal

  • Simple yet effective way to sell products and services through a deal-based site
  • Deals by quantity and by expiration
  • Great intelligence and user interaction to engage customers to buy from you
  • Easy merchant

eCommerce User Interface Tools – a better way to make buy buttons.

  • customers withdraw their online purchase because of confusing interface
  • we have designed a better way to present information, a more human way
  • our designs will guide the visitor every step of the way
  • our designs instill buying confidence.