(Informal) Blog

December 2014:

A fresh new website look, to mark the beginning or a great relationship with Lans Holdings.

November 2014:

We have some great news. PayFlex has entered an agreement to be acquired by Lans Holdings.

There will be some positive changes. Lans provides us great guidance and direction, and access to investors that may help us with our current projects. Thank you.

We have changed our Logo and insignia to mark a new birth.


October 2014:

We are proud to announce our new shopping portal site, www.beamzinga.com. It looks a lot like our old payflexsystems.com site… because we re-used a lot of it. It’s a lot of stuff you can’t see on the front end. The back end will have a seller (merchant) interface to see all of the sales. That’s TBD (to be developed).



April 2014:

Happy Spring!

January 2014:

Happy new year everyone! Wishing you the best in 2014.

In the spirit of new and fresh starts, we are proud to launch our brand new look to payflexsystems.com

It is now a responsive page and works on mobile devices.  All of the tired content of us trying to experiment with stuff is over.

2013 was a great start for us, but we have to preen our feathers a bit more. We’re getting closer to launching our new platform.

July 2013:

We’re back up! But we’re not done yet. PayFlex is evolving again.

PayFlex has a terrific shopping platform. We were thinking really hard how to capitalize on that.  We are happy to announce that PayFlex will strive to become a payment processor.

We won’t lose our shopping platform. On the contrary, our shopping platform is the centerpiece, which allows us to showcase our payment processing.

So to recap what do we do?

We were just a shopping portal. Now we are a shopping portal and will handle our seller’s payments. In effect we are already a payment processor.

Just need to iron out a few things. Boring Data-modeling and API building.

June 2013:

PayFlex has a new logo!


December 2013:

Being in the ecommerce industry, we are very diligent on patching our systems when vulnerabilities are announced. We have automatic alerts triggered when USN (Ubuntu Security Notices) are published.  Being responsible folk we are, we want to share important notifications to our affiliates so that they are never afflicted with any intrusion. It makes you and us safe, since we are all one network.

We have started a new section on our main website called “Security In the News”.  Feel free to bookmark us.  Thanks.

April 2013:

PayFlex is venturing into new frontiers. We are expanding our online shopping experience site and will be incorporating richer inventory tracking and logistics.  We will be taking our site offline for a few months while we ramp up. Features will include smarter product placement and “anticipatory product intelligence”. Thanks for your patience.

February 2013:

Hello! Payflex Systems is a online shopping portal. We aim to be the authoritative source for unique items. We will advertise and sell your goods. Please stay tuned.