PayFlex Systems – One-Click Commerce

The current shopping experience isn’t that fun. And when some are quick and easy, it casts doubt on the buying process. This in turn makes the consumer less confident to buy.

A little typo here and there and a slight discrepancy between terms creates panic to the buyer. There have been so many times which buyers back out on the buy-out process.

It’s not the buyers’ fault at all. The seller was only given the tools he / she knows to create the best possible workflow, right?


PayFlex Systems is working on a workflow that will BUILD consumer confidence throughout the checkout process. It will encourage them to buy and ensure that the options they choose make sense.  We call this our One-Click Commerce.  Once you click, you will be guided to the right questions for you.


We have made some fun videos showing the entire process from start to finish.


1. Sellers creating the perfect buy button for his/her product.

2. Buyer buys a product with confidence.

3. Seller redeeming the earnings from a successful purchase.